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Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

Welcome 2024! The year is off with a bang as we all dive right back into our routines.

Adjusting back into our schedules post-holidays can be a challenge, so we have found a super simple recipe for you & your slow cooker!


  • Onions (1 large or 2 small)

  • Pork Loin (around 1kg/2lbs)

  • BBQ Sauce - check out our options on wfm2go!

Pulled Pork Recipe:

  • Cut up onions into quarters and line the bottom of the slow cooker with them

  • Place the pork loin on top of the onions

  • Cover with the BBQ sauce (the entire jar/bottle)

  • Leave the slow cooker on low for at least 8 hours

  • You can leave it until the end to pull apart or shred around hour 6

I enjoyed this meal with some mashed squash and steamed kale, but it will work nicely with a size salad or other veg! Plate up and enjoy with any desired seasoning or garnish that matches your BBQ sauce. :)

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