Pick up from a Hub near you on Wednesdays and Saturdays! 


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  • Wolfville Farmers’ Market

  • Dartmouth, 6 Primrose St parking lot

  • Dartmouth, Portland St at The Tare Shop

  • Halifax, Cornwallis St at The Tare Shop

  • Halifax Forum Civic Centre parking lot

  • Tantallon, Cornerstone Naturopathic parking lot

  • Bedford, Afishionado 275 Rocky Lake Drive, Unit 9

  • Windsor, Schoolhouse Brewery parking lot

  • Canning, Seven Acres Farm

  • Berwick, Herbal Hill Farm

  • Kentville, Simply For Life Space

Organic Vegetables


Ordering closes at 7pm the previous Monday



Wolfville Farmers' Market (indoors)

Dartmouth (Primrose St)

Dartmouth (Portland St)

Halifax (Cornwallis St.The Tare Shop)

Halifax (Forum parking lot)


11am to 5pm



2 to 5pm


11am to 1pm
1 to 8pm

11am to 6pm

Specific pick up times are emailed to you the day before pickup and are available here on Tuesdays after 10am.


Ensure that you are looking at the correct date when checking specific pickup times.


Ordering closes at 7pm the previous Thursday


Wolfville Farmers' Market (indoors)


Dartmouth (Primrose St)

Halifax (Cornwallis St)

Halifax (Parking lot)



9am - 11am

11am - 12:30pm


1pm - 4pm



Specific pick up times are emailed to you the day before pickup and are available here on Fridays after 10am.


Ensure that you are looking at the correct date when checking specific pickup times.


1. Approach a pylon when there are 5 or less customers (there will be 5 pylons set-up to designate spots for 5 customers), or stand way back away from people or wait in your car until a pylon is free. We need to keep people safe and separated. If you arrive a bit early, and there is room at the pylons, please feel free to get in line to get your order.


2. When you arrive at the sanitizing station, please sanitize your hands.


3. When it is your turn, stay at the sanitization station and loudly tell the delivery team your name. 


4. Wait for the delivery team to place your full order on the table, and then approach the table with your bags to grab your items. 


5. When packing your order into your own bags, use the invoice provided to check to be sure that you have all of your items before leaving. If you leave the hub without any of your items that were packed, we will not be able to refund you, though we are generally able to bring the order/item(s) on our next delivery day. 


6. Leave the bin on the table, and take your order back to your car.


If you are running late please call the Market at (902) 385-0343 and they will help you. 


If you miss picking up your order, we are happy to send it on the following delivery day just write us a note here to let us know your preference. 


If you are able to make it to another hub pick up time, follow these instructions:


HRM + Windsor hubs: If you are picking up in HRM, you could pick up from Dartmouth, Halifax, Tantallon, or Bedford. 


Valley hubs: Our Valley hubs have elongated pickup windows, allowing you more time for pickups.


Wolfville hub: Wolfville orders are always at the market, so if you forget to pick it up, please contact us and we can let you know when staff are back in the building and you can pop down and get it.  


We take your health and safety very seriously.  Please feel free to watch our Safety Video here to learn more about our cleaning processes.

When you come to pick up your order at each Hub, please abide by the following steps in order to protect yourself, and our Delivery Team:

  1. If you are showing any signs of being unwell, or if you are under self-isolation for any reason, please arrange to have someone else pick up the order for you. If there is an issue, please be in touch and we will see how we can help.


  2. It is very important that you please come during the allotted time of your hub (no later!); and,  that you bring your own bags or boxes  to put your products in. If you arrive early and there is an open pylon, feel free to get in line. 


  3. When you come, please wait in your vehicle or away from the line until the driver is set up and ready to take orders. There will be 5 pylons set up. If a pylon is free, please feel free to get in line, otherwise wait until a pylon is freed up. 


  4. We will have a Delivery Team at each Hub to guide you through the process.


  5. If you see five people waiting outside for delivery, please also stay in your vehicle or wait away from the line until there is a spot available at a pylon.  (Allowing for up to five customers safely distanced plus Delivery Team).  If you come on foot, and there is not room at a pylon, it is essential that you still maintain 2 metres distance from anyone at the hub.


  6. When you get out of your vehicle, please stand at one of the five pylons until you are asked for the name on your order. (This is not a drive-by service, so please do not drive your vehicle to the pylon, but rather park and you yourself come to the pylon)

    Note: as an essential service, we are exempt from the 5 person rule however we absolutely must maintain social distancing; and can only do this effectively by both limiting the numbers that are lined up and using pylons, so we require that you stay in your vehicles or wait away from the line until a pylon is available.  


  7. Our delivery drivers will be wearing a mask while serving customers their orders.


  8. Please sanitize your hands and wait for the delivery team to invite you to the table to pack your order in your own bags. Do not approach the table until someone from our team has instructed you to.


Wolfville Hub Details

The Wolfville Hub will have indoor pickup on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using this form.