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Seasonal Eating: Tacos!

I eat tacos quite a bit, they are an super quick and easy meal that you can put together with as many or few ingredients as your have in your fridge! I think they lend themselves well to seasonal eating as you can put just about anything on a taco. They are super versatile and can be adjusted for many types of eating preferences (gluten free, vegetarian, etc).

This week as I assembled them I realized that every single aspect was made or grown by someone I know. How special!

Here's my taco recipe (for this week anyway):

I brown the ground beef in a pan until cooked through (bonus points if you remember to thaw it first) and at the end add 1-2 tablespoons of taco seasoning, salt (if not included), and if you want you can add a little corn starch & water slurry to make it a little saucy.

While that's cooking, I prepare the vegetables, and get out the condiments. Once the beef is done, I warm the tortillas and assemble! Enjoy!

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