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Recipe: Caitlin's Fresh Spring Rolls

Making these spring rolls is one of my favourite ways to enjoy lots of fresh market veggies, any time of the year!

They are so crunchy, fresh, and full of flavour. Great in the summer time when it’s too hot to even think about cooking, but I also enjoyed them in the winter when you’re craving a bite of something fresh. I hope you enjoy!


  • Rice Paper Wraps

  • Rice Vermicelli Noodles

  • Dipping Sauce of Choice

thinly sliced or grated, such as

  • Carrots

  • Cucumber

  • Radish

  • Spring/Green Onion

  • Kohlrabi

  • Red Pepper

  • Greens (Lettuce, Microgreens, Spinach, etc)

don’t skip on these... unless you don't like herbs!

  • Mint

  • Cilantro

  • Basil

  • Shrimp (My favourite!)

  • Chicken

  • Fried Tofu

You don’t need all of these options, choose a few veggies, a herb or two, and a protein (if you want). You can really add anything you like or have on hand - these are very customizable!


Step 1: Cook the noodles according to the package directions, and set out everything that you'll need:

  • A wide shallow dish with water (for the rice wraps)

  • A plate to put the prepared rolls on

  • Your prepped ingredients

Step 2: Start by putting the rice wrap into the dish with water for 10-30 seconds just until it’s pliable, but not too long or it will tear. Let it drip for a second or two when you remove it, and lay it out onto a flat, clean surface, such as a cutting board or your counter top. It’s tempting (and very easy) to overfill these, so be careful not to add too much! Place a small amount of the rice noodles in the center of the rice wrap, add a sprinkle of each of the prepped veggies, herbs, and protein. 

How to Fold:

Fold one side of the wrap over the pile of fillings in the center. Then fold the other side over to cover.  Take the side closest to you and fold it away from you over the fillings.

With your fingers tucking to keep the wrap tight around the filling, roll up the wrap away from you. It might take a couple tries to get it right, but keep going! It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it. 

Serve with a dipping sauce such as peanut, hoisin, teriyaki, sriracha, etc - my favourite is peanut sauce! If you’re lucky enough to have leftovers, these store well for lunch the next day in a sealed container covered with a bit of damp paper towel to keep the wraps from drying out. 

These spring rolls are great to make with friends and work with many dietary restrictions as they are gluten free, they can easily be made vegetarian/vegan, and you can add any fillings that you like (and leave out the ones you don't). Enjoy!

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