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Meet the Maker: Sister Lotus Herbal Body Care

You can find Angie, owner of Sister Lotus Herbal Body Care, on WFM2Go and at the Wolfville Farmers' Market, where she's been a vendor since 2009. Angie sells many products from hair care, to body-care, to perfumes, many of which contain products she forages herself. Her products include medicinal, edible, & cosmetic plants from the wild & from gardens.

We asked Angie how she got started in the herbal industry.

"I was studying to become an English Lit professor when I got whisked away by the plant fairies!"

"Seriously though, I started going on nature walks when I needed to relieve academic stress. Though I loved studying poetry, plays, & novels; I found myself yearning for a life & career that would be more wilderness & garden~oriented & that would allow for more creativity."

Angie believes in the importance of self care, environmental sustainability, and connecting with nature. First & foremost, she is driven by the need to do work that she loves, that adds to her freedom in life, & that helps others.

"We are surrounded by an abundance of medicinal & edible plants & we can have more self sufficiency in terms of our health & well-being. And plants bring so much joy!"

Customers love Angie's products!

"I started using Angie’s products around 3 months ago, and they are amazing! I’ve had a skin problem for years and the WILD VIOLET SKIN salve is so soothing and nice! And the aroma is amazing! I actually want it in a perfume!" - Anahi

Want to learn more about Sister Lotus or try out their products, follow the links below:

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