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We are excited to start home delivery in Kings County, and we invite you to join us on this new journey! Ordering opens on October 28th 2021, with the first delivery on Thursday, November 4th. 

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us here.

Cindy Viner at IG Wealth Management is sponsoring the delivery fees for the next 50 home delivery customers!
Thanks, Cindy!

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View interactive map for home delivery area

Home delivery is available within 5km of the following communities:

  • Wolfville

  • Port Williams

  • Canning

  • New Minas

  • Kentville

  • Coldbrook

  • Berwick​

  • Centreville

Please contact us here if you are unsure if you are eligible for home delivery.

Organic Vegetables

Ordering is open Thursday 10am - Monday 7pm for home delivery on the following Thursdays

We will leave the Market with orders for home delivery around 10am. The time your order will be delivered depends on your location and the number of orders we have for that day. 

All home delivery orders are subject to a $10 delivery fee. Cindy Viner at IG Wealth Management is sponsoring the delivery fees for the next 50 home delivery orders! Thanks, Cindy!


  1. Login to your account here.

  2. On the "Overview" page make sure you select "Home Delivery"

  3. Now you can shop for the "Kings County Home Delivery" period which can be selected on the "Overview" page or with the drop down on the top left of the "Shop" page. 

  4. Add the items to your cart that you would like to order.

  5. Go to your cart, add any notes you have about where we should leave your order, and confirm the order. 

  6. Check your email for your order confirmation and be sure it indicates that the order is for home delivery.

  7. Wednesday afternoon you will receive an email reminding you of your order and also as a reminder to put a cooler and bin out by your front door. 

  8. Thursday morning we will send an order reminder with an updated invoice of what to expect in your order. 

Important: If you do not leave a cooler out for your perishable items, we will put them in an insulated box and you will be charged $10 per box used.


Please note that we will knock on your door and call you first if we cannot find your cooler. However, if we cannot be in touch with you we will have no choice but to leave an insulated box and charge you for that box.


When can I place an order for home delivery?

Ordering is open from Thursday at 10am until Monday at 7pm. Orders are delivered on Thursdays. 

When will my order be delivered?

Orders will leave the Market around 10am and head out for delivery. Your order will arrive that morning/afternoon, depending on your location and how many orders we have.


What area is eligible for home delivery?

Please see our map here.


Is there a cost to home delivery?

All delivery orders have a $10 fee. Cindy Viner at IG Wealth Management is sponsoring the delivery fees for the next 50 home delivery orders! Thanks, Cindy!


Do I need to leave a cooler & bin out for my delivery?

Yes, we need to be able to leave your order in a cooler for food safety. Leaving a bin is helpful to protect your order when left outside.


What happens if I forget to leave a cooler out? 

We will knock on your door, attempt to call you, and if we cannot get ahold of you, we will leave your order in an insulated box at a cost of $10+HST which will be charged to your account.


What if the website tells me I am not eligible for home delivery?

Please make sure you are located within the delivery area as per the map above. If you are, then please contact us here

Are all the same products available for home delivery that are available on Wednesday and Saturday pick up?

No, products vary depending on the delivery or pick up date and whether or not a vendor can participate on that date. 

Can I place an order for home delivery and hub pick up?

Yes, once you have placed an order, you can go to your overview page and change your location from "Kings County Home Delivery" to one of our pickup hub locations and then place an order for that hub. 

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