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A Local Mother's Day Gift Guide

Updated: May 1

Mother's Day is almost here! If you're still looking for a thoughtful gift for your mom or mother figure, look no further than this gift guide!

We've got a great selection of locally sourced, unique gifts that are perfect for showing your love and appreciation. And, on top of it all, you're supporting local farmers, chefs, & artisans by shopping locally.

As a kid, my siblings and I (Caitlin) would always get our Mum a transplant of wild rose or forsythia, and over the years she has made a beautiful hedge for the driveway from these plants! She loves flowers and plants, and I love that it's a gift that she'll enjoy for years to come!

WFM2Go has a great selection of transplants to choose from!

Maybe plants aren't your Mom's thing? That's okay too - we've got a lot to choose from!

Shuffle through & click the images below to shop products in our store.

For the Mom who gardens

Choose from a variety of transplants, flower bouquets and seeds, all grown locally right here in Kings County. See more here or click the images below to shop the product.

For the Mom who loves to hydrate

I love finding new ways to hydrate that aren't just plain old water! There are so many tasty beverages you can hydrate with that also have added nutritional benefits. There are also many options for delicious teas that can be enjoyed warm or cold. Check out here for our selection of beverage options!

For the foodie Mom

Click the images below to check out some awesome foodie subscription options for mom - they're the gifts that keep on giving! For all of our subscription options, click here. If there's one thing that makes my week easier, it's not having to plan ahead and remember things. Our subscription options help with just that! You can subscribe to a local meal kit, veggie box, or items like eggs, coffee, and flowers. Not having to remember to order these things & having meals all planned for me is a game changer!

For the Mom who likes a great skin care routine

There are so many benefits to using local skin care products. So many in fact, we made a whole magazine about it - you can download it here. They are often made by and tested on the maker themselves, ensuring they only sell products they believe in, and use, themselves.

Below are a few, but you can shop all of our local skin care products here.

...And for the Mom who is tough to buy for?

A gift card of course!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms & Mother Figures out there!

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