Each week, in our Thursday e-News, our WFM2Go Coordinator (Lindsay) writes about our weekly updates. This blog is a compilation of those updates with a few extras thrown in the mix!


Thursday, February 14th: Snow day and Meal Boxes

Hello everyone!

I am writing this newsletter from the comfort of my own couch because today is a snow day! I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who placed an order this week and were so flexible with the challenges weather creates this time of year! So far, everything has gone super smoothly by switching Wednesday's deliveries to Thursday (this week only)! I hope all of you stayed safe and warm during the storm!

In other news, we are extending meal boxes to be a monthly thing! I had so much fun creating the first one that I think it would be fun to have a new one each month. For now, the Valentines Day Box is staying on the site as our firs Meal Box of the Month! Read more below for updates on what other boxes we are working on! If you have any amazing recipes you'd like to share with us that you think might work for a box, please send them along! 

Have a great weekend, 

Lindsay & WFM2Go Team

Kelly Redcliffe