Each week, in our Thursday e-News, our WFM2Go Coordinator (Lindsay) writes about our weekly updates. This blog is a compilation of those updates with a few extras thrown in the mix!


Thursday, March 7th: Send us your cooking photos!

Hello everyone!

Last week (or was that Monday - time is flying by!) I did a survey on instagram to find out the kind of content our followers want to see. One of the most popular suggestions was more content from our customers - YOU! People want to know what you are cooking, what your favourite products are, and how you use them! If you'd like to share, please feel free to send me some tips and photos of what you are making with yourWFM2Go order. Just reply to this email, send me a facebook message, or tag/message us on instagram! We would love to see what you are using and cooking.

In other news, we've been working hard behind the scenes, looking at the bigger picture of WFM2Go! I mentioned before that I was enrolled in a Workplace Training Program to develop a Business and Marketing plan for WFM2Go. Well, I am now deep into the customer analysis. I am actually having so much fun looking at buying trends, when our orders are up, when they are down, etc.

Another exciting update is that we have a new hub volunteer in Bedford at the Nook! Kelly is now part of the WFM2Go team helping customers with their order at the Bedford hub location - we are so excited that they have joined our team!

As always, thank you all for being a part of our team in helping us to Grow Local!

Have a great weekend, 

Lindsay & WFM2Go Team

Kelly Redcliffe