Each week, in our Thursday e-News, our WFM2Go Coordinator (Lindsay) writes about our weekly updates. This blog is a compilation of those updates with a few extras thrown in the mix!


Thursday, February 28th: Workplace Training for WFM2Go and Our Farmers

Hello everyone!

I am not sure if you know this, but WFM2Go is busiest this time of year. Many people assume that summer is our busiest time, but the past two years have proven that January is a stellar month for us! We have you guys to thank for that!

But apart from WFM2Go orders, there is something else that has been eating up my time (but for a good reason) and that is Workplace Training. For the last month I have been getting together with our Market Manager, Kelly Marie, plus five other farmers to each build a business and marketing plan for our own entrepreneurial adventures.

Working alongside the farmers as we decide how to grow our businesses has been so fun. Hearing the hopes and dreams for what they want their farms to become is so exciting! For myself, I am really enjoying the part where I get to dream about the future of WFM2Go, but also the research for the Marketing Plan. I did not realize there was so much information out there about online grocery shopping! Being a relatively new thing, I thought there wouldn't be much out there - but I was wrong! There is so much spanking new info out there I am loving it!

It's going to be really exciting to see how the Market, WFM2Go, and our farmers grow in the next few years! For those of you who continue to support us so we can grow - thank you! 

Have a great weekend, 

Lindsay & WFM2Go Team

Update: Olde Furrow Farm also wrote a blog post about their experience with Workplace Training, you can check it out here!

Kelly Redcliffe