Each week, in our Thursday e-News, our WFM2Go Coordinator (Lindsay) writes about our weekly updates. This blog is a compilation of those updates with a few extras thrown in the mix!


Thursday, January 31st: Mistakes Happen!

Hello everyone!

Today I'd like to talk about mistakes. Mistakes happen, I make them, our vendors make them and I am going to assume all of you make them sometimes too :) With WFM2Go we work really hard to mitigate mistakes, and we've gone through a lot of scenarios to a point where we have built a system that I am really proud of. I don't want to brag, but I have to say that we are pretty good at making sure that everything that you ordered goes into your order. And it's not just our staff, it's out vendors and our Hub Hosts that are also really passionate about local and want you (our customers) to have a great experience. With that being said, things happen!

I think of WFM2Go as a team, and I think of our customers as a part of that team, and so with that I wanted to let you know a few things we are doing and a few things we can all do to make WFM2Go go smoothly:

1. To limit mistakes we have lots of checks and balances to make sure your items are in each bin/cooler. When a vendor comes in, they put a check mark to indicate that the item has been put in the customer bin or cooler. Once all the check marks are there, we (staff) go around and double check everything and indicate on the invoices how many freezer items there are. Once your order has been checked and double checked, we put the invoice in the bin and the cover on it. 

2. Checking your invoices is the best way to make sure you leave your hub with all of your products (and also nobody else's :). There's a lot of info on there you might not even realize! On your invoice there will be a check mark beside each item to indicate that they were put in your order, that means that if your items aren't there it's often because another customer accidentally took them. At the bottom of the invoice it indicates how many bags of frozen product you'll find in the cooler (keep in mind that while each customer has their own bin for fridge items they do not have their own bin for cooler items, these are shared between customers). It's important to check your invoice to make sure everything is there before you leave (and that you haven't extra). If it's not there, either ask your hub host volunteer, or call me (Lindsay) 902 717 8188 while you are at the Hub and I can help you out! 

3. If you do find that a mistake has happened with your order (because mistakes do happen!), we have created an online form where you can report any issues or concerns you may have had with your order. If something does go wrong with your order like something is missing or a product is damaged, etc. please feel free to let us know. This information from our customers only helps us to better the service for everyone! 

I hope this helps a bit! If you have any other questions or suggestions for us to improve, please let us know by replying to this email! 

Have a great weekend, 

Lindsay & WFM2Go Team

Kelly Redcliffe