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Thursday, January 3rd: Back from the Holidays!

Hello everyone!

I am back after a very lovely holiday break! Since returning from the break I (along with all the staff here at WFM) have been working on goal planning! January is a great time to sit down and look at what you learned in 2018 and set your goals for 2019 - so that is exactly what we've been doing! 

I would say our biggest goal for this year is to reach an average of 65 customers a week (we averaged 45 customers/week last month and 37 in November). It doesn't seem like that big of a jump to go from 45 to 65 customers, but it's a hump we've been working to get over! 

Many of you who order, do so on a weekly or bi-weekly basis; you've made it a part of your weekly routine. So, my goal is to find customers just like you who want to make local a part of their lives in 2019! (If you have any suggestions on where to look, let me know!).

If you aren't currently ordering from us, but are looking to add more local to your life in 2019, then take a look below in this newsletter for some New Years Resolution ideas that WFM2Go can help with! 

Have a great weekend, 

Lindsay & WFM2Go Team

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Kelly Redcliffe