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Thursday, January 10th: Tips from Olde Furrow about shopping local!

Hello everyone!

What a great start to the new year! Last week we had 56 orders, that is our second best week ever (right behind our bday in July with 64 orders!). We also had a great sales week, just over $4,100 in sales to all 9 hub locations! For comparison, last year on our first week back we had 45 orders and $2,924 in sales. So, not only are we getting more regular customers (thank you!) but we are also seeing customers purchasing more, which is fantastic! What that says to me is that more people are adding more local ingredients to their shopping list. Olde Furrow Farm had a great tip about this last week. They said...

"It can be hard to shop more consciously with so much information flying everywhere but if you take a moment and pay attention to what you feel when you buy an item at the farmer's market and when you buy an item at a much larger establishment they feel quite different! No need to over complicate things or even go all in. Change is much like a flower. It takes so much energy to create the flower but once it starts to blossom it really gets to transforming quite fast! Personal tip/trick: We distrubute our grocery budget 50/50 - meaning 50% small business 50% big business. This means when we want to buy more from one side the other side goes up too. It keeps us in check locally and finicially. A simple win-win. "

As you can imagine, January isn't often the busiest time for farmers, so knowing that customers continue to support WFM2Go and our local producers is amazing! We really are building a better food system for all and we are doing it together :)

Have a great weekend, 

Lindsay & WFM2Go Team

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Kelly Redcliffe